Credit to the Sam and Cat wiki for this episode guide.

# Title Published
1 The Lil' Sam & Cat Show June 8, 2013

You've seen Sam & Cat, now watch the cartoon about the show!
Segments: Interview with Jennette and Ari!, How We Did It: Couch Stunt and Darby or Dummy?

2 The Lil' Sam & Cat Show #2 June 15, 2013
Lil' Sam & Cat are back with an ALL-NEW show full of stunts, shrimp, and much more! (Except pizza, sorry.)
Segments: How We Did It: The Car Stunt, Fun with Meat! and Send in Your Mug Shots!
3 The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #TheBritBrats June 22, 2013
Lil' Sam & Cat are pumped for this week's new episode featuring guest stars Sophia Grace and Rosie! Plus, watch to see who made The Mug Shot!
Segments: The Sundae Showdown!, Jennette's REAL Grandparents! and The Mug Shot!
4 The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #NewGoat June 29, 2013
Lil' Sam & Cat interview Murf the Goat. Plus, see how Sam & Cat stunts are done and find out who's on this week's mug!
Segments: The Murf Cam!, How We Did It: Nona's Stunt and The Mug Shot!
5 The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: #TextingCompetition July 13, 2013
Play "What's the Difference" with Lil' Sam & Cat, see which fan made it into the show, and watch a new On-Set Challenge live from the Sam & Cat studio dumpsters! (Ew!)
Segments: What's the Difference?, Suck An Egg and You've Been Framed!
6 The Lil' Sam & Cat Show:BabysitterWar July 20, 2013
Sam & Cat get a NEW bedroom, Sam TERRIFIES Cat, and we all enjoy a little rap attack! Plus, find out how YOU can name one of our robots from Bots the restaurant!
Segments: The Room Reveal (And Scare), Rap Attack! and Name the Robot!
7 The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: GommerSitting July 27, 2013
Ari and Jennette face off in the Suckerthon!!! Lil' Cat meets Robo-Sam! And, find out which FAN named our ROBOT! Watch it!
Segments: The Suckerthon, Scream Meter and Name the Robot!
8 The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: ToddlerClimbing August 3, 2013
Lil' Cat gets her very own unicorn, Ariana learns how to speak goat, we deal with some terrible toddlers, and one of YOU makes our MUG! Watch Now!
Segments: Goat Talking, Toddler Climbing and Mug Shot
9 The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: MommaGoomer August 10, 2013
It's time for a Lil' Sam & Cat POOL PARTY filled with bellyflops, brain freeze, and a very angry bird!
Segments: Doodle Duel, Sikowitz Gets Emotional, and Fan of the Week
10 The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: BabysittingCommercial September 14, 2013
ALL NEW LIL' SAM & CAT!!! Watch as kids try to explain what happened on Sam & Cat! Plus, Jennette interviews a toilet!
Segments: Kids Explain The Show, Toilet Confessional, and Freezer Frame
11 The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: RevengeOfTheBritBrats September 21, 2013
ALL-NEW Lil' Sam & Cat Show! Lil' Cat gets lost, Jennette and Cameron play a new game, and Ariana and Jennette sing a scene from the show!
Segments: Sing a Scene, Shirts Shirts Shirts, and You've Been Framed!
12 The Lil' Sam & Cat Show: MotorcycleMystery September 28, 2013
Jennette and Ariana go dancing with the guest stars, tell you 6 things you shouldn't bring into the bathtub, and more!
Segments: Hector's Bedtime Story, Dancing With The Guest Stars, and Fan of the Week